TOTO Neorest RH Dual Flush Toilet in Cotton, 1.0 or 0.8 GPF - TOTO MS988CUMFG#01
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TOTO Neorest RH Dual Flush Toilet in Cotton, 1.0 or 0.8 GPF - TOTO MS988CUMFG#01

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Once you've experienced what the TOTO MS988CUMFG#01 NEOREST RH dual flush toilet could do for you, you'll never "go" without a bidet again! From the prestigious NEOREST RH collection, this dual flush smart toilet comes with a highly technological bidet seat no other than TOTO's WASHLET! It features a hygienic nozzle that extends beneath you to wash you clean, then retracts inside a compartment under the seat when not in use. The nozzle features oscillating and pulsating comfort washing with 3 wash modes to choose from - front, rear, and soft. You can adjust the spray position to clean yourself thoroughly. Aside from washing the user clean, it boasts the EWATER+ feature where the WASHLET automatically sprays the ceramic with a fine mist before use to prevent grout from sticking on the toilet surface. After use, an electrolysed processed water is sprayed to further clean the bowl. Another awesome feature is it's auto open/close lid that operates hands-free so you never have to use your hands. It also has the auto flush feature that just flushes automatically the moment you stand up. Its built-in air purifying system dries you after every wash so you'll never have to spend so much dollars on toilet paper! Another amazing extra is the heated seat that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your liking. In case of power outage, this toilet is equipped with a back-up manual flush. Everything can be operated through its multifunction remote control.

Aside from the WASHLET, its gravity-based double cyclone technology powerfully flushes everything down, never to return again, using only 1.0 GPF (gallons per flush) for solids and 0.8 GPF for liquids. Because of its phenomenal TORNADO FLUSH siphon jet system, everything is pushed down more efficiently than other toilets that use 3.5 gallons of water could. Its 17-5/16" seat height is in keeping with the ADA requirements so that even the elderly or disabled could stay on it comfortably. To keep even the outer surface clean, this ultra high-efficiency toilet is glazed with TOTO's exclusive CEFIONTECT ceramic glazing, minimizing dirt and mold from sticking to its beautiful Vitreous china surface. It also has a fully glazed 2-1/8" trapway that effectively prevents clogging of solid wastes in the pipe.

This TOTO NEOREST RH toilet comes in a clean Cotton White finish that would work with any bathroom fixture and theme. It has a 12" rough-in and a skirted, elegant design. It is covered by TOTO's generous 3-year limited warranty for residential use and 1-year limited warranty for commercial use. TOTO is legendary for their toilets' water efficiency, quality, and style. They continue to edge into the upper end of the market with their innovations that find their way into more homes and establishments in the USA and around the world.