Duravit 610200001001300 SensoWash Durastyle Plastic Toilet Seat and Cover with Soft Close - White
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Duravit 610200001001300 SensoWash Starck Plastic Toilet Seat and Cover with Soft Close - White

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Experience luxury at a whole new level with the Duravit 610200001001300 SensoWash. It is a perfect blend of modernism and luxury that guarantees optimum functionality. Unparalleled innovations of heated seating, night light, air dryer, and many more make this SensoWash a unique upgrade to your bathroom — the advanced technology enables hands-free operation, ultimate comfort, and water-saving features.

This toilet seat combines a mixture of simple yet effective settings for convenience and comfort. It carries a Rearwash for a clean and fresh rinse, a Ladywash mainly designed for a more soothing clean, and a pulsating Comfortwash for a more thorough cleanse. Another exceptional feature of this Duravit SensoWash is the antimicrobial coating, which protects you and your family from unwanted bacteria. The remote control is the key to activating most of the amazing features; from adjusting the water temperature to customizing your preferred settings.

For more than two centuries, Duravit maintains a great deal of craftsmanship to ensure high-standard performance. Duravit teams up with exceptional designers to create products to suit their customers' needs without sacrificing efficiency.

Elevate your bathroom to the cutting edge of comfort and sophistication. Get your SensoWash today!