American Standard 8012A80GRC.020 Advanced Clean 2.0 SpaLet with Remote Control Operation
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American Standard 8012A80GRC.020 Advanced Clean 2.0 SpaLet Bidet with Remote Control Operation

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American Standard's Advanced Clean 2.0 SpaLet (8012A80GRC.020) is a white bidet seat with a remote control operation. It features a simple design and is made to fit a huge variety of elongated bowls, elevating your bathroom experience to a whole new level. An ergonomic seat allows for a more natural alignment while sitting which has been shown to effectively and efficiently help find blessed relief when nature calls. The seating design also helps avoid pins and needles for longer-than-normal sessions. An active charcoal deodorizer helps reduce odor and automatically starts when the user sits down the seat. This bidet also comes with a massage future that alternates between mild and strong sprays.

Its slow-close seat and lid help prolong the bidet's life by eliminating slamming and also helps reduce noise when taking nighttime toilet-related activities. Two self-cleaning nozzles provide independent front and back cleaning action and can be adjusted within its 5 nozzle cleaning positions for personalized cleaning experience. A heated seat comes with 5 levels (3 preset and 2 custom), allowing for added relaxation, especially in cold winter nights. The bidet seat can be easily installed and has a 1-push system for easy removal. An easy-to-operate remote allows for quick access and faster operation.

American Standard provides high-quality products such as toilets, faucets, and other bathroom accessories, providing a wide selection that the customer can choose from. As partners, American Standard and EToilets are committed to delivering the best to the customer with both quality and value on the table.