TRONE Fountina Automatic Toilet Bidet Combo - FETBCERN-12.WH
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TRONE Fountina Automatic Toilet Bidet Combo - FETBCERN-12.WH

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An all-new experience is coming right into your bathroom with the TRONE FETBCERN-12.WH Fountina automatic toilet bidet. This comes with dual nozzles that provide a more personalized and sanitary cleaning for both males and females. Not only that, but it also comes with a dryer that has adjustments for position, pressure, and temperature, to cater to your preferences. Featuring an automatic touch-free toilet seat, you have the luxury of hands free open and close operation that includes a sensor that is programmed to automatically open upon approach and shut again when no weight is sensed.

This TRONE FETBCERN-12.WH features a siphon-jet flush that cleans everything on the toilet bowl's surface both before, during, and after flushing. Optimal cleaning is achieved with its impressive yet efficient flow rate of 1.28 GPF, allowing thorough cleaning without water wastage. Along with it is a self-deodorizer that helps leave the bathroom with a cleaner scent.

Convenience and safety are also at the heart of this automatic bidet toilet. A multi-function remote control is provided, allowing a variety of options to adjust your toilet bidet to your desired needs. Its built-in emergency flush system is designed to allow you to use the toilet bidet even when the power is out. In the unlikely event that a leak in the system occurs, a leak protection system is provided to guard you against extreme flood damage.

TRONE has continued to manufacture toilets that are based on the latest research and innovation provided by their Research and Development team. It has been recognized globally because of its world-class products. Once you choose TRONE, you are choosing innovation and quality. Experience something new as you get this e-Toilet now!



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