TRONE Chiaro Complete Electronic Bidet Toilet - White, CETBCERN-12.WH
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TRONE Chiaro Complete Electronic Bidet Toilet - White, CETBCERN-12.WH

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TRONE is once once again sweeping the globe with a smart toilet that can do more than you have ever imagined. The TRONE Chiaro electronic bidet toilet is a top-of-the-line toilet that cleans itself, cleans you, and eliminates unpleasant odor. Its design and seamlessness, along with aesthetic and hygienic features are very well-thought-out, leaving your toilet and your self, squeaky clean. Its double cleansing technology is a pioneering innovation that produces 2 siphonic flushes to make sure that everything that is flushed down, stays down. With just 1 flush, 2 siphons in a row are created, washing the waste and residual dirt using only 3.5 gpf (gallons per flush). Because of its low pressure operation technology, even houses with low water pressure can fully enjoy all of this smart toilet's features.

The chic, modern, and intelligent design of this TRONE toilet (CETBCERN-12.WH) is just a bonus to its various advanced features. The IPX7 waterproof remote control is easy to use and will continue to function normally even if soaked in water. Its arc-shape anti-bacterial spray wand boasts various options including adjustable water pressure, temperature, and spray mode. It is also self-cleaning, covers a wide cleaning range, and releases warm water at your preferred pressure to make sure that you're clean and happy when your business is done. You have 3 ways to flush everything down: pressing the manual side button in case of power failure, pressing the flush function on the remote control, or by simply standing up and allowing the seat sensor to activate automatic flushing! Genius!

Nothing has been left behind when it comes to comfort and hygiene! TRONE featured soft warm wind drying that you can use after flushing. It offers 6 levels of temperature adjustments starting at room temperature. More awesome features are the widened heated seat to keep you warm and the night light that makes it easier for you to see the unit in the dark. Aside from its self-cleaning and comfort innovations, this Trone intelligent toilet uses Diatom deodorization to absorb odorous particles and convert it to oxygen so your bathroom feels fresh and oxygen-rich at all times.

TRONE has been very successful in crafting smart toilets that come with features and technology that are not available in traditional units. These TRONE toilets are shaking the market and have been met, by customers and homeowners alike, with tremendously satisfying reviews and high ratings. They are sold at the best price anywhere on the market along with other state of the art bathroom accessories and fixtures! Grab one now!



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