TRONE Tahum Electronic Toilet-Bidet Combo - TETBCERN-12.WH
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TRONE Tahum Electronic Toilet-Bidet Combo - TETBCERN-12.WH

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Flaunting seamless lines and harmonic proportions, the TRONE TETBCERN-12.WH is a state-of-the-art bidet toilet from the exquisite Tahum collection. It exhibits contemporary design elements that will easily coordinate with your bathroom's modern look. This TRONE toilet offers five (5) wash settings that you can choose from, for an optimal and more thorough cleansing experience. These features, along with the fully adjustable nozzle, and both the water temperature and pressure can be controlled to your preferred settings through the innovative, user-friendly remote.

Aside from its ultra-hygienic self-cleaning nozzle, the TRONE TETBCERN-12.WH e-Toilet is equipped with water quality purification, intelligent deodorization, and nano antibacterial properties that promote overall health and cleanliness with every flush. It also comes with a highly efficient 1.28 GPF (4.8 LPF) full flush setting, allowing you to save resources and money in the long run. This Tahum electronic toilet-bidet combo is designed for convenience and low-maintenance, thanks to awesome features like the glazed ceramic surface that keeps particles from clinging to the bowl, a fully skirted design that conceals the trapway and makes it easier to clean, and a Silver Ion antibacterial bowl that has disinfectant properties and prohibits bacterial growth.

For added comfort, the TRONE bidet seat proudly features the an intelligent seat-heating system which raises the normal seat temperature up to a cozy 30 degrees Celsius in as fast as 30 seconds! This electronic bidet seat is also equipped with an innovative air/water mixing technology which creates a softer and more delicate spray. On top of that, it even offers the convenient night light for late night bathroom emergencies. Finally, experience the pleasant warm air brought to you by a multi-function air-drying feature. You will love this hands-free experience which provides a wide flow of air with adjustable temperature for faster and effective drying cycle.

There is no need to worry about high electrical consumption when using the TRONE TETBCERN-12.WH bidet-toilet, as it employs smart wake-up and power-saving features when not in use. Plus, this white e-Toilet offers a variety of flushing options like Remote flush, Automatic flush, and Foot sensor flush for maximum convenience. Thanks to its memory mode, the Tahum TETBCERN-12.WH can easily save your preferred settings for when you use it next time. Added features include the following: Automatic cover flip, Remote cover flip, Remote seat flip, and Foot sensor seat flip for more sanitary operation when putting down the toilet seat and closing the lid.

TRONE is dedicated to providing clever and hygienic solutions to your bathroom needs at your utmost convenience. Purchase one today and see what a difference a Toilet-Bidet combo from TRONE can make for you.



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