TRONE Ganza Electronic Bidet Toilet, White - GETBCERN-12.WH
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TRONE Ganza Electronic Bidet Toilet, White - GETBCERN-12.WH

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Beauty, boldness, and brilliance perfectly describe the TRONE GETBCERN-12.WH e-Toilet from the exceptional Ganza collection, which exquisitely flaunts clean geometric designs with its chic lines, rounded corners, and curves. Its stunning beauty embodies royal power and dignity as conforms to a throne.

This TRONE Ganza electronic bidet toilet combo is no doubt pristine architecture and engineering fused in one body; boasting intelligent innovations for a more humanized experience! It offers the most advanced and awesome methodological features like its comfortably heated seat that can be easily adjusted to provide just the right amount of warmth that you need during late-night visits in the bathroom, and most especially on a cold day! This feature allows a seat-warming function that gives you a warm and cozy feeling for relaxation and comfort.

It comes with bidet functions promoting the state-of-the-art air/water mixing technology that jets out soft aerated spray and will make you feel clean and fresh after every wash! The TRONE Ganza GETBCERN-12.WH electronic toilet also has additional five (5) cleansing wash settings that you can choose from, depending on your preference. It also comes with a wireless remote controller and backup controls (located at the seat); giving you free rein in adjusting the water temperature, pressure, and nozzle positioning to your preferred setting.

The TRONE GETBCERN-12.WH toilet-bidet combo has an intelligent flush feature. Its futuristic flushing mechanism can be activated through a sensor. These highly responsive sensors detect when one has moved away from the toilet then activates the flush. Not only you can access these functions by hand-gestures but the foot can also do some specific movements to a corresponding toilet performance. These sensors can be turned OFF by pressing the FLUSHING key on the remote if you'd rather operate it manually. If you're in the mood to take advantage of these advanced sensors, you can simply repeat the same steps and it can be re-activated.

This Ganza e-Toilet has a ceramic surface that is fully coated with an antibacterial glaze that helps eliminate the bumps on the ceramic surface, making it more refined and extra smooth leaving no room for dirt and debris to stick on. The water quality purification ensures a continuous flow of clean water during the operation, while the air deodorization function will take care of the unpleasant odors to maintain clean and fresh air while you are at it. Finally, no more stumbling in the dark as the motion-sensing convenient nightlight will guide your way which automatically activates and illuminates the bowl with a soft, gentle glow.

TRONE aims to give each household the utmost bathroom experience and ensures you have access to better personal hygiene and bathroom needs at the tip of your finger.



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