TRONE G2ETBCERN-12.WH Ganza II Complete Electronic Bidet Toilet White - With Efoam
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TRONE G2ETBCERN-12.WH Ganza II Complete Electronic Bidet Toilet White - With Efoam

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The Ganza II G2ETBCERN-12.WH is a bidet toilet from Trone's Luxury collection. This electronic bidet's white color gives off a sight of grandeur that is simply irresistible to look at. Plus, its skirted design combined with rounded corners and modern curves lets you and your household experience a toilet on a whole new level.

The Ganza II G2ETBCERN-12.WH smart bidet toilet highlights auto flush features with Syphon Assist technology, which uses 1.28 GPF of water to siphon filth after usage automatically. Aside from that, the bowl of this bidet toilet is coated with an UltraSheen Premium Glaze, which prevents particles from clinging to the toilet's surface and allows them to slide down with each flush smoothly. Foul odor won't be an issue with this toilet-bidet combo, thanks to its E-Foam technology that sprays deodorizing foam onto the bowl. Furthermore, it also has a nightlight that allows you to use it without turning on your bathroom's glaring light.

Another remarkable feature of this durable bidet toilet is the on-demand heated water to avoid uncomfortable feelings during personal cleansing. Not only that, this white toilet-bidet combo is engineered with a heated seat for added convenience. A self-cleaning stainless steel wand is also integrated, providing less-hassle cleaning and maintenance.

The included remote control lets you fully customize your experience with this elongated toilet. You can choose between rear and front wash, adjust water temperature, pressure, seat temperature, and even raise or lower the lid and the seat. On top of that, to fully experience a hands-free toilet, a concealed foot sensor will lift or open the seat for you with just a tap of your toe.

Trone Plumbing heeds the call of every household for a clean and safe bathroom. They continue to innovate, create, and improve sturdy and affordable products. Get your Trone Ganza II G2ETBCERN-12.WH now!



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