TRONE Aquatina II Complete White Electronic Bidet Toilet - A2ETBCERN-12.WH
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TRONE Aquatina II Complete White Electronic Bidet Toilet - A2ETBCERN-12.WH

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The pandemic raised public awareness regarding the importance of proper sanitation, which resulted in the high demand for hands-free cleaning after a call of nature. With that being said, Trone Plumbing introduces the Aquatina II A2ETBCERN-12.WH electronic bidet toilet. This elongated bidet toilet is jam-packed with features that provide you with unparalleled class and style.

This smart bidet toilet is tankless which allows you to achieve a minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom. It also has a skirted bowl design, which gives it a sleek appearance and a smooth surface that is much easier to clean. Furthermore, the glazed surface of this toilet-bidet combo prevents dirt from adhering to the white-finished china. Aside from that, it has an automatic deodorizer designed to keep your toilet smelling fresh and germ-free!

The Aquatina II A2ETBCERN-12.WH can be operated using a remote control or mobile application on your phone for hygienic purposes. Plus, it features a heated toilet seat; offering comfort and warmth at all times. Another remarkable feature of this electronic bidet toilet is its foot sensor that allows you to open and close the soft close seat without touching it. Moreover, this white toilet-bidet combo comes with an antibacterial stainless steel wand to make rear and front massage cleansing possible.

Engineered with backup power and push button flush, this durable bidet toilet is fully operational even during power interruptions. Not only that, but you’ll also don’t have to worry about flushing down that dirt since it uses 1.6 GPF and a powerful siphonic flush.

Trone Plumbing heeds the call of every household for a clean and safe bathroom. They continue to innovate, create, and improve sturdy and affordable products. Get your Trone Aquatina II A2ETBCERN-12.WH now!



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