TOTO Aquia IV One-Piece Toilet w/ WASHLET+ S550e in Cotton, 1.28 or 0.8 GPF, Auto Flush - TOTO MW6463056CEMFGA#01
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TOTO Aquia IV One-Piece Toilet w/ WASHLET+ S550e in Cotton, 1.28 or 0.8 GPF, Auto Flush - TOTO MW6463056CEMFGA#01

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The TOTO MW6463056CEMFGA#01 is a WASHLET+ S500e toilet from the popular Aquia collection that embodies the qualities of a modern bathroom fixture. This one-piece toilet is constructed with the robust CST646CEMFGAT40#01 elongated toilet bowl that is coated with CeFIONtect ceramic glaze. This special ceramic coating smoothens the surface, leaving a long-lasting finish and making the bowl free from waste matter build-ups.

The MW6463056CEMFGA#01 toilet features the Dynamax Tornado Flush. This incredible dual-flushing system jets a rapid stream of 1.28 & 0.8 GPF (4.8 & 3.0 LPF), creating a tornado-like flushing mechanism that cleans every inch of the bowl. Although it features a powerful flushing system, you'll experience a quieter flushing sound thanks to the toilet bowl's unique design that muffles the stream of water in every flush.

Mounted to the toilet bowl is the SW3056AT40#01 WASHLET+ S500e washlet. This washlet comes with a heated seat which makes you feel more relaxed and you will enjoy every second you are on the "throne". This technologically advanced washlet is equipped with a sensor auto-flush feature. This feature responds automatically and activates the flush the moment you stand up and walk-away after use. If you wish to manually flush the unit, you may do so by pressing the chrome push-button. This washlet system sprays smooth, aerated warm water with settings for front and rear cleansing; cleaning far more effectively than toilet papers and promotes optimum cleanliness and hygiene. Also, it blows warm air for drying. Another great feature is the increasingly popular PreMist function that sprays the Ewater+ electrolyzed water formula to the bowl before use. This technology helps eradicate wastes in every flush, leaving the ceramic surface spotless - making cleaning fast and easy! To adjust the water pressure, temperature, and to access other important features of this amazing washlet, you can utilize its user-friendly wireless remote control with illuminated touchpad.

The MW6463056CEMFGA#01 provides extra space and comfort regardless of mobility, under different application as it comes with 17-9/16" comfort height. A gap of 12" rough-in distance between the back of the tank and wall is required upon installation.

This hyper-efficient innovative toilet doesn't only make bathrooms the most conducive place to refresh oneself but also assures you that it will always get the work done.