TOTO Aquia IV One-Piece Toilet w/ WASHLET+ S500e in Cotton, 1.0 or 0.8 GPF, Auto Flush - TOTO MW6463046CUMFGA#01
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TOTO Aquia IV One-Piece Toilet w/ WASHLET+ S500e in Cotton, 1.0 or 0.8 GPF, Auto Flush - TOTO MW6463046CUMFGA#01

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The TOTO MW6463046CUMFGA#01 is one of Aquia IV's ultra-high-efficiency one-piece toilet highlighting highly-advanced product innovations and technology suitable for a modern toilet system. Equipped with the Dynamax Tornado Flush system, it delivers a powerful 360-degree-twisting surge that sweeps off wastes and debris quietly straight through the rim while using only 1.0 & 0.8 GPF! This extraordinary flushing system makes it possible to use less water but effectively and efficiently flushes away both solid and liquid waste!

This toilet has an elongated bowl that is glazed with Cefiontect. This unconventional coating creates more smoothness and eliminates pores on the ceramic surface; ensuring that there will be no room for any wastes particles to cling on. The MW6463046CUMFGA#01's bowl has a skirted design that does not only flaunts alluring beauty but also makes cleaning from front to back way easier compared to traditional toilets with exposed trapways. Thus, this Aquia toilet promotes optimum cleanliness and hygiene in everyday use.

This toilet comes with the SW3046AT40 washlet with a wireless remote that has an illuminated touchpad. Just a single click on this remote, you'll be refreshed by an aerated, warm water dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating movement. This washlet also offers warm air which gives you a soothing feeling while hygienically drying off private areas. The temperature for both water and air drying are adjustable. It features an automatic air deodorizer that solves unpleasant odor problems. Also, this remote control operated washlet has the PreMist function that sprinkles water on the bowl before each use. This function prepares the bowl for operation and helps flush away wastes 80% better with each flush. For added peace of mind, this washlet is equipped with EWATER+ feature that automatically cleans the toilet bowl and wand, making this toilet as clean as a whistle and conducive to maintaining sanitation.

The TOTO MW6463046CUMFGA#01 has a handy auto flush function that washes away the dirt and debris as you walk away from the toilet -- keeping the bowl spotlessly clean and ready for your next use. For added convenience, it has a universal height (17-9/16" seat height from the floor) that caters to your physical needs. This toilet requires a nominal 12" rough-in distance from the wall to the back of the tank during installation.

Bring TOTO experience to your home by purchasing the MW6463046CUMFG#01 Aquia IV 1G toilet.