TOTO DuoFit In-Wall Dual Flush 0.9 and 1.6 GPF Tank System Copper Supply Line - WT171M
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TOTO DuoFit In-Wall Dual Flush 0.9 and 1.6 GPF ECO Tank System Copper Supply Line - WT172M

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The TOTO WT172M is a Duofit in-wall tank unit that is designed with an integrated Dual-Max flush system. This water-saving toilet tank utilizes a strong surge of water at a flow rate of only 1.28GPF/4.8LPF while still providing excellent performance in flushing down both solid and liquid wastes. This technology helps you save water, money, and the environment all at the same time!

To cater to your personal and mounting needs, this WT172M toilet tank has an adjustable mounting height between 15"-19" and it can support weight of up to 880 lbs. When installing this unit on commercial applications, you will need 2" x 6" wall studs with a waste outlet kit (included with the purchase) and a 2" x 4" on residential applications. This in-wall tank is pre-plumbed for TOTO WASHLET+ connection.

The WT172M comes with an insulated polyethylene tank to prevent it from leaking and keep it sweat-free especially when installing it in places with high humidity.

To have a complete toilet system, this in-wall toilet tank can be paired up with the CT447CFG (RP), CT449CFG (SP), and the CT437FG (MH) wall-hung toilet bowls, SS114#01 (SoftClose) for the toilet seat, and the YT920 or the YT930 push plates that are sold separately.

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