TOTO MH Wall-Hung Toilet w/ WASHLET+ C200 in Cotton, 1.28 or 0.9 GPF, PEX Supply, D-Shape - TOTO CWT4372047MFG-3#01
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TOTO MH Wall-Hung Toilet w/ WASHLET+ C200 in Cotton, 1.28 or 0.9 GPF, PEX Supply, D-Shape - TOTO CWT4372047MFG-3#01

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The TOTO CWT4372047MFG-3#01 is a complete wall-hung toilet that is composed of high-tech parts, features, and functions; ergonomically designed for both residential and commercial applications. Starting with the WT154M#01 Duo-Fit in-wall tank system. This Dual-Max flushing system releases an average flush of 1.03 GPF from the tank to the bowl, creating a whirlpool flushing mechanism (3D Tornado Flush) that sweeps off wastes particles swiftly. These dynamic flushing functions make it possible to utilize less water efficiently while delivering extraordinary performance. This tank has an adjustable mounting height between 15"-19" which you can customize to your preferred setting. Also, it is an ideal choice for people with mobility problems and at the same time, it is perfect for small bathrooms. Thanks to its universal height feature that lets you save up to 9" of floor space compared to the standard floor-mounted toilets. This system can hold up to 880 lbs providing added security.

This wall-hung toilet comes with the D-shaped SW2047T20#01 Washlet+ C200 which is flawlessly mounted on top of the bowl. This washlet system features the amazing Water PreMist, spraying a mist of water to the bowl before each use. It makes the bowl ready for operation and helps flush away debris 80% better with each flush. You'll enjoy wash time with its a dual-action spray that ejects a gentle, aerated warm water in a circular motion and massage feature. It gives a hygienic washing performance resulting in better skincare. For added comfort, this washlet has a warm air drying with five variable temperature settings that completely dry off private areas. While the air deodorizer gets rid of the musty smell in the bathroom. You can use its slim wireless remote control with illuminated touchpad to adjust the temperature for the toilet seat, spray, and dryer. Also, you can utilize the remote control to freely maximize other features and functions of the SW2047T20#01 Washlet+ C200.

The CWT4372047MFG-3#01 toilet is paired with the CT437FGT20#01 MH Washlet+ wall-hung toilet. Glazed with Ceramic Fine Ion technology (CeFIONtect), this advanced hygienic ceramic coating creates extra smoothness and makes the bowl porous free. It prevents wastes and debris from sticking on the surface. This glaze strengthens the bowl and it makes it resistant to chemical substances. This bowl's skirted design along with its Cotton White color adds an extra level of sophistication to the overall aesthetics of the toilet system.

This highly-advance CWT4372047MFG-3#01 wall-hung toilet will upgrade your bathroom experience like no other! Grab yours now!